Hong Kong JAM堅信每個人都有改變....

一日的快樂小聚, 匯集走在社區創新最前線的香港人,




Now in its second year, come to Hong Kong Jam to get inspired by people on the front lines of creating change in the various communities of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Jam believes in the power of everyday citizens in making a difference and this is what the unconference celebrates. Find out what actions people have been taking to tackle some of the pressing issues facing Hong Kong today.

From the story of food sustainability to the challenges of sharing economies, you will learn about what drives social innovation in our city as well as hear about the emerging trends and challenges within the field of social entrepreneurship.

Far from being a 'social innovation is great!' talk, the unconference will address the highs, lows and concerns of the sector, aiming to offer different viewpoints and leaving it to you, the participant to come up with your own conclusions.

All sessions are curated to give not only an eagle-eye overview of the sector, but really zoom in on the work and lives of these entrepreneurs, learning and sharing from their day-to-day “street-level” experiences in small group settings.

Organizers: UnLtd Hong Kong, The Good Lab, Social Innovation Drinks

Funding Partner:

Acknowledgement: Ednovators 教育燃新

Kevin Shum Co-Founder of Good Family Farm 當食得健康又安全變得你我關注時,在農地,天台,城市角落重塑空間,共創耕種城市怎可少得你來參與!
- Kevin Shum


Andrew Tsui Co-Founder of Time To Grow Urban Farming It’s time to grow food, friendship, collaboration and more…
- Andrew Tsui


Mawin Cheung CEO of Easy Organic Farming Ltd Build and Enjoy Organic Farming Everywhere to Reduce Stress and Carbon
- Mawin Cheung


Joyce Ng Founder of P Farmland When farming goes to cities, it is about how to grow "people".
- Joyce Ng


Shawn Cheng Co-Founder of HKOWRC & FoodCycle+ Let's help to eliminate foodwaste in Hong Kong by returning it into "FoodCycle+".
- Joyce Ng


Harold Yip Founder and Executive Director of Secure Information Disposal Services Limited (SSID) 香港垃圾及回收數字怎樣來?
- Harold Yip


Pirry Leung Co-Founder of WoodLab Innovation Let's turn waste into resources.
- Pirry Leung

梁培煇 Pirry 是WoodLab Innovation的共同創辦人。WoodLab是一間初創環保社企, 致力減少香港的廢物問題。WoodLab以運用廢料來開發新產品為目標。 他們第一個項目,就是把豆品廠棄置的豆渣變為貓砂。在WoodLab成立前,Pirry從事環境管理之工作。他曾參與為不同工業而制定的環境監測方法和污水處理等事務。

Joe Chan Executive Director of GranYet Elderly Services Group 整合資源,開拓更多元化,更專業服務,令每位長者晚年,活得更安心精彩。
- Joe Chan

2013-2015 : 香港安老服務協會- 工作小組召集人
2016: 香港安老服務協會- 執委委員

GranYet Elderly Services Group→
Patrick Cheung Chairman, Hong Kong Social Entrepreneurship Forum
Founder and CEO, The Jade Club Ltd.
Success of an idea is about the team you bring around the idea.
- Patrick Cheung


The Jade Club→
Aries Lee Founder & CEO of HOHOLIFE Cross-sectors collaboration and social innovation would help building a better age-friendly environment for Hong Kong.
- Aries Lee

在2013 年創辦了好好生活百貨,透過引入高品質的銀髮用品給銀齡人士,致力推動活齡。好好生活百貨獲社聯選為「銀徽企業嘉許計劃2015」得獎企業之一。她積極參予社區活動,是香港青年創業家總商會會員、香港青年創研庫會員、香港義工團組組長。

Irene Leung Chief Executive Officer, Senior Citizen Home Safety Association 轉個角度看長者。
- Irene Leung

2012 年離開商界後出任長者安居協會行政總裁,為協會帶來重大革新。並創立了亞洲第一所以「生命‧歷程」為主題的互動體驗館。

Cheney Cheng Co-Founder of DotKids and Teach4HK 創意不是教而是鼓勵出來的。
- Cheney Cheng


Angelina Lo-Chui Founder of CreativeKids Picture your Future!
- Angelina Lo-Chui

二十年前創辦「奇極創作室」,願景是透過視覺藝術令兒童的創意得到最充份的發展,從而連繫家庭,推動社群。她榮獲多個本地及國際的廣告及平面設計獎項。她通過「奇極創作室」的ArtproachTM 啓發無數青少年的想像力和革新思維,讓他們建立優秀的創作技巧及正向品格,以面對21世紀日新月異的挑戰。

Cam Cheung Co-Founder of EDiversity It's a practical ideal.
- Cam Cheung


Kinal Ng Founder of Lovempathy Academy Ltd & GapALive Year 還學生學習自由,還老師教學尊嚴,還學校教育自主,還家庭愉快生活!
- Kinal Ng

「愛童行學園」無校舍幼兒學校及「敢動年」小學生的Gap year 學習計劃的創辦人期望為香港的學生創造一個自由探索,自主學習的空間,讓香港教育回歸學生為本,為未來培育有品格,有創意思維的人才。

Christine So Founder of HOSBBY Share what you love by maximising your talents.
- Christine So

於今年五月創立興趣平台網站HOSBBY ,旨於助人興趣變成事業、融入共享經濟。雖然天生一條腿,卻遊歷全球三十多過國家。

Elliot Leung Founder of Gaifong Pool resources with neighbors at the click of a button.
- Elliot Leung

在 2014 年底創辦了 Gaifong App,供全港 4,500 多用戶共享 2,000 多件家居用品。在成立 Gaifong App 前,曾在經綸國際經濟研究員擔任可持續發展研究員一職,並於瑞士 St Gallen Sympoium 獲選為年度青年領袖之一。

Alex Kwan Founder of FreeSth 有Free才有Take。
- Alex Kwan


Ahmed Khan Founder of Shaheen Sports Clubhouse 點解揀選我?因為跟政府溝通的工作,沒有其他人願意做。
- Ahmed Khan


Shaheen Sports Clubhouse→
Ruby Yeung Founder and Chair of HKALPS Ltd. 尋找天時地利人和。Look for the gaps and bridge them!
- Ruby Yeung


Ada Wong Director of UnLtd Hong Kong;
Convenor and Director of The Good Lab
The Good lab is community-led. I did not have to seek government endorsement.
- Ada Wong


Good Lab→
Derek Kam Co-Founder of Shuffle 雅俗共賞,榮辱由心。
- Derek Kam


Look Luk Co-Founder of Shuffle 雅俗共賞,榮辱由心。
- Look Luk


Billy Kwan Curator of Very Hong Kong (VHK) Local creativity at public spaces inspires our city’s future.
社區創意公共空間 香港未來契機

- Billy Kwan


Paul Chan Co-Founder and CEO of Walk in Hong Kong My Walking Dream, My Walking Revolution
- Paul Chan


Ross Kei & Woody Tong Co-Founder of HoCFu 針對裝修巿場的痛點,致力改善業界的生態,讓一眾默默付出汗水的師傅們,得到合理的回報與尊重。
- Ho C Fu


Rainbow Chow Founder of MicroForest 基層媽媽也能成為設計師。
- Rainbow Chow

MicroForest創辦人,幫助低收入婦女獲取自信培訓及工作,協助自力更新,盼望於石屎森林的香港傳播正能量,透過 MicroForest 給予別人心靈的舒適、平靜及快樂。

MicroForest 微型の森→
Lim Chu Director of Empowerment, Light Be “家”轉化生命。
- Lim Chu

曾於基督教關懷無家者協會工作,負責管理臨時宿舍及活動中心,現任光房計劃任 Director of Empowerment,負責員工支援和義工發展工作。

Light Be→
Antony Ling Senior Officer of Playtao Education 孩子的起步點不一定都一樣 (特別是來自低收入的家庭),但他們都應擁有得到公平發展的機會。
- Antony Ling



Kelvin Cheung Founder of UnLtd Hong Kong; founder of FoodCycle Entrepreneurship isn't really about running a business. It's much more like having a baby and raising it!
- Kelvin Cheung

自加入由Lily Lapenna創辦的MyBnk擔任「愛創家伙伴」(Ashoka Fellow)開始,便積極開拓社會創新事業。2008年,他獲英國「創‧無限」支持,成立了食物回收社企FoodCycle,於短短幾年間急速擴展,食物回收已變成了全國運動之一。他於2014年把「創‧無限」帶回香港,希望以開拓及擴展社企的經驗,藉此支援更多愛創家想出更多嶄新的想法,造福社群。

BSD Code and Design Academy was founded by a group of professionals in Hong Kong who share a common belief of competency led learning. BSD brings affordable, accessible and applicable technology education to the forefront of core curricula, professional, institutional and popular, throughout Asia and the emerging markets.

BSD Academy→
Nickey Khemchandani CTO & Co-Founder, BSD Code & Design Academy Traditional media marketing is dying, let's us show you why everyone is online.
- Nickey Khemchandani
Nickey has worked over 10 years as a multi-lingual professional developer, publisher and digital marketer with experience in agency, corporate, hospitality markets, and largely with focus on professional level multimedia design, information structure and digital application development. Recently, Nickey joined as the newest member of WEF Global Shapers Programme.

BSD Academy→
Gabo Tse Course instructor, BSD Code & Design Academy It's not too late! I barely know anything about digital less than a year ago. - Gabo Tse
Gabo has a professional background in retail and F&B but has always had a passion for learning and technology. She began her technology education journey with BSD and became a full time instructor. Gabo specialises in consumer focused industries, enriching her client learning though this.

BSD Academy→
Ming Sum Choi Founder and Curator of Museum of Epic FailureS Commit your EPIC FAILS now. Here’s why and how.
- Ming Sum Choi


Christopher Hugentobler Co-Founder & CEO, HKU Alumni Entrepreneurs Club Building platforms that foster innovation.
- Christopher Hugentobler

Christopher built an international charity engaging young people in the fight against modern slavery through endurance running. Now he works on building a startup community at HKU with a focus on research-led innovation. His background is in economics, youth leadership development and he's a self-taught web developer.

HKU Alumni Entrepreneurs Club→
Bird Tang CEO of VolTra 接受你不能改變的;改變你不能接受的。
- Bird Tang


Fiona Ching General Manager of MakerBay I think life is incomplete if you have not failed in anything, that's boring, that means you have not tried something different. - Fiona Ching

MakerBay(工匠灣)的總經理。MakerBay是全港首個具規模的自造者空間 (makerspace),目標是透過創造產品,改善社會和環境。Fiona過去十年在非政府機構和商界工作,並在2015年初回港,把經驗注入Maker Bay。在此之前,她在倫敦擔任「環境資源管理」(Environmental Resources Management)的可持續環境顧問,又曾於紅十字會負責國際災後重建和緩害項目,包括參與2004年南亞海嘯,以及2008年四川地震災後工作。